Welcome to Soap2days.info. As you know, the original Soap2day website was closed down and a large number of new websites was launched in its place. For fans and users of the original Soap2day website, its is incredible hard to keep up with the Soap2day News and sift through which site is official and which is not, not to mention the legality and safety aspects of these websites.

That is where we come in. We actively monitor the situation, and test which websites can be trusted and which can not. Visit out Soap2day Homepage for the latest news. We also have written comprehensive guides on how to watch movies online, legally and safely, as well as an updated list on streaming alternatives.


We do not host or stream any movies, programs, TV-series, sports games on our website, www.soap2days.info. We do not host or stream any copyrighted content. This is an informational resource only, indended as a Help guide and News guide for Soap2day streaming fans and users, and for learning about the movie streaming space.

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