Where to Watch Dune Part 2? This is Where You Can Stream Dune 2


Where can I watch Dune Part 2? This is where you can stream Dune 2 online, from home. All Dune 2 streaming release dates and streaming options.

When is the Dune Part Streaming Release Date?

“Dune: Part Two” has swiftly become a box-office sensation, amassing over $400 million globally at the box office in just its initial weeks. Its predecessor’s simultaneous theatrical and streaming release in the US has left many fans curious if the sequel will follow suit, allowing for at-home viewing.

Currently, there’s no digital or streaming release date set by Warner Bros for “Dune 2.” However, based on past practices, we can make educated guesses on when it might land on our home screens.

When is Dune 2 Out in Cinemas?

For those eager to dive back into the world of Arrakis immediately, the cinema remains your only option. The film hit theaters globally on March 1, after a limited release on 28th of February, making it accessible for viewers to enjoy the sequel in a theatrical setting.

where to watch Dune Part 2 Streaming
Dune Part 2 was released in cinemas on the 28th of February, and will be released for streaming approximately 2 months later, depending on the box office run.

Dune Part 2 – Trailer.

Need a taste of the Dune 2 before commiting to the cinema? Watch the Dune 2 trailer here:

See our Dune 2 Cast and FAQ section for more Dune 2 trailers.

Where Can I Watch Dune Part 2 Online?

While Warner Bros hasn’t officially announced a digital release date, we expect that “Dune 2” could be available for digital rent or purchase as early as April 15. This timeline considers the 45-day exclusive theatrical window observed with other Warner Bros titles. Yet, should “Dune 2” mirror the box-office trajectory of “Barbie,” its home release could be delayed until late April or early May.

Stay Tuned!

Where Can I Watch Dune Part 1 Online?

If you watch to catch up on the Dune universe before you watch Dune part 2, you can easily watch, stream or rent the Dune Part 1 movie online, at the following platforms:

  • Netflix – Subscription
  • Max – Subscription
  • Apple TV – €4.99
  • Amazon Prime Video – €4.99
  • Rakuten TV – €8.99
  • Google Play Movies & TV – From €9.99

Where Can I Stream Dune 2 in the US?

As for streaming, “Dune: Part Two” hasn’t made its way to any platforms yet, and no official streaming release date has been provided by Warner Bros, but we expect the movie to start streaming around April 15th. The film is expected to debut on Max in the US (formerly HBO Max) potentially around late April or early May. Nevertheless, if “Dune 2” follows large box office hits like Barbie and Dune 1, its streaming debut could be pushed to Juli.

Where Can I Watch Dune 2 in the UK?

UK audiences will find “Dune 2” on Sky Cinema and NOW as the first streaming options, though the launch date remains unannounced. Looking at the release strategy for “Barbie,” which took 8 months to reach Sky Cinema, UK fans might be in for a wait.

For those in the UK, options like pre-ordering on Prime Video and iTunes present an opportunity to be among the first to watch the sequel upon its digital release.

Dune Part 2 – FAQ.

I have added the questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions below. Feel free to ask a question in the comment section.

When is Dune: Part Two coming out?

Dune: Part Two has its theatrical release on 28. February 2024.

How long is Dune: Part Two?

The official Dune 2 runtime is 2 sours and 46 minutes..

Can I watch Dune: Part Two online?

As of now, Dune: Part Two will be a theatrical release only. There is no confirmation about streaming availability yet, but we expect it to be release for streaming at HBO Max around the 15. April 2024.

Is Dune: Part Two streaming on Soap2day, Fmovies or other free streaming sites?

We cannot recommend watching Dune: Part Two on unauthorized streaming sites. This content is often of poor quality, there a copyright issues, and the content can be dangerous due to malware. However, like all newly released movies, the Dune 2 movie will be available in some form on free the streaming sites, usually a few days after theatrical release.

Where was Dune 2 filmed?

Dune: Part Two was filmed primarily in Jordan and in Budapest, Hungary, just like the first part.

Does Dune: Part Two have a post-credit scene?

There is no post-credit scene in Dune: Part Two.

How much did Dune 2 cost to make?

Similar to the first movie, the budget for Dune: Part Two is estimated to be around $165 million.

Who directed Dune 2?

Denis Villeneuve returned to direct Dune: Part Two, and might return for Part 3, if Part 2 is successful.

Who are the main Cast of Dune Part 2?

The Dune Part 2 cast members are:

  • Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides
  • Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica
  • Zendaya as Chani
  • Javier Bardem as Stilgar
  • Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck
  • Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
  • Dave Bautista as Rabban Harkonnen
  • Charlotte Rampling as Reverend Mother Mohiam
  • Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan Corrino
  • Léa Seydoux as Dr. Liet Kynes

Is Dune: Part Two the last movie?

No, Dune: Part Two will only cover the second half of Frank Herbert’s novel Dune. There are talks about a potential third movie to fully adapt the story.

What is of Dune 2 about?

Dune: Part Two will focus on Paul Atreides embracing his destiny as Muad’Dib, leader of the Fremen, and seeking revenge on the Harkonnens who destroyed his family.

Will there be more Sandworms in Dune 2?

Yes, with the focus shifting to the Fremen and the desert, there is plenty of epic sandworm action in Dune: Part Two.

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